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The online gambling market is constantly changing, and new developments occur on a regular basis. Keeping up with all of the current news and activities could keep you occupied for a long time if you were surfing the whole internet for the latest jabber on your own. GlowSpins places a high value on customer satisfaction and keeping you up to date on the latest online casino coverage.


Believe or not, this has happened - stories from gambling industry

Beginner Granny’s Luck Do the math. What is the likelihood that you play Craps and remain seated at the table for 4 hours and 18 minutes since you’re on a roll of, well, 154 consecutive winning ro ...

A peek at the top five gambling devices in the future

Virtual Reality (VR) Virtual Reality slot games offer a fantastic new world for gaming, bringing your title alive with animated 3D technology. NetEnt and SlotsMillion have dabbled in this form of gami ...

Using Bitcoin to play casino games

What are Blockchain and Cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that is mined on the internet by specialised computers that hash out algorithms online. These algorithms have bee ...

In rough days, the gambling industry donates to charity.

The gambling industry  often gets a bad rap as the focus shifts to problem gambling issues instead of the entertainment value offered by casino games. One of the ways the gambling industry works tow ...

Terms and Conditions – Do not miss!

We are all familiar with T&C, whether we realise it or not. Or at least, we know about the bit where the amount of the bonus is stated. However, having your eyes on the coveted prize may end badly if you fail to acknowledge that there a few provisos to sort out first.

In fairness, quite a few complaints could have been nipped in the bud should gamblers have bothered with the fine print. But far from trying to dress-down the errant gambler, we are here to help you get back on track.

In almost all cases, promotional bargains will come with an expiry date. This could range from several days to a few months! Basically, you will have to deal with the play through specifics – meaning that there is a certain number of times that you have to wager your deposit money and any bonus amounts you have been awarded.

Some casinos opt for a lenient approach with their bonuses and they demand that you only play through one of those amounts. Then, depending on how many days you have to fulfil the conditions and how many times you ought to play through the sum you have been granted, you will be a little better at telling if a particular offer is worth it.

When to Avoid Bonuses?

Certainly, as a gambler you will often ask yourself which bonus to choose. But as a consummate professional, you will more often try to decide if a bonus is valuable it right now. Playing at a smaller casino or one that runs fewer options is a bit of a relief, but when faced with the rich choice presented by flagship operators one can’t help but wonder if it’s all really worth it. Certainly, you may choose to forego a bonus. No casino promotion is obligatory – always keep this in mind!

You should decide what you want – if you are looking for small and incremental profit based on a skill-based game, or at least one where you can employ a stratagem, it would not hurt to drop the bonus and free yourself from wagering requirements. And if you fancy yourself a wild-spinner, bonus offers will give you enough gambling fuel to proceed well ahead.

We Glow!

We have come to embrace online casinos because we think you will have a better experience with them in terms of finances and transparency. 

With online casinos, you stand to make more money and you can be sure what kind of table or machine you’re playing with. 

Given GlowSpins long-standing search for ways to come out ahead of the house through promotions, online casinos beat the land-based casinos hands down.