A peek at the top five gambling devices in the future

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality slot games offer a fantastic new world for gaming, bringing your title alive with animated 3D technology. NetEnt and SlotsMillion have dabbled in this form of gaming, but it has not ranked very well in popularity. The main reason is the price.

To gain the full VR experience, you need to own a powerful computer, 3D goggles (like Occulus Rift), good quality headphones, and optic sensors, not to mention extra downloaded software to manage all of it. This type of setup could easily set you back thousands of Pounds/Euros, which your every day ‘Joe’ just cannot afford or justify spending on a handful of game options.

Apple Watch

While the convenience of being able to play casino games from a device on your wrist is surely strong, there are a few factors that keep it near the bottom of the list of favoured gambling devices.

  • Not too many casinos have expanded their technology to include smartwatches, therefore choice options of operators are restricted.

  • The games must be played on a tiny screen, making the use of the control interface a task on its own.

  • Apple Watches are an expensive commodity item that not everyone can afford.

Smart TV

Interactive gambling via Smart TV comes with great perks, the foremost being the size of the game display. The technology and computing power encompassed into these devices is sufficient to optimise the games well. Players can even enjoy casino games on a social level when they invite their friends around, which has made TV gambling quite popular.

The main drawbacks of using your TV to gamble, include the lack of privacy it affords you in your home and the danger that gambling exposure inflicts on minors. This means you can only play when the kids are in bed. The other drawback is mobility, as you can only play in your sitting room at home.

Desktop & Laptop

Playing on a computer has always been a great way to enjoy online gambling. The machines have good computing power, meaning that software runs smoothly on the device. The use of a laptop also gives you the added advantage of gaming from any destination with an internet connection.

You can access just about any iGame you want from a computer, which can’t be said about all the other game devices. Many of the old school games were designed for Flash player software and are only accessible on your PC.

While the gaming experience is enhanced on the computer screen, it falls short of being the best gambling device for two reasons – it lacks ‘on the go’ mobility and affordability (in some instances).

Mobile Gambling

Your mobile phone or tablet is the ultimate gambling device for several reasons:

  • Mobility: You can play casino games from anywhere in the world, as long as there is a cellular signal. That means playing while standing in a queue becomes an option.

  • Mobile-First Games: Many new games are released in the mobile format first and most games are integrated for instant play from your mobile device with an easy to use touch interface.

  • Mobile Casinos: Most contemporary casinos develop their sites with mobile devices in mind, using the latest in HTML5 software.

  • Access: The number of people who own a mobile device is staggering. Gambling is therefore easy to access for most and does not require additional costs.

Forward to the Future

The future of online casino innovation lies within the scope of mobile gambling. As the computing power on these devices increases, so does the ability for innovation to do the same. Projections towards the future of online gambling must, therefore, lend themselves to technology that compliments mobile gambling.

Increased blockchain casino play via mobile device seams a likelihood. Here, ‘on the go’ technology meets with instant payment tech, to ensure a fast and efficient gambling experience.

If video gaming trends are anything to go by, we could see a surge of Augmented Reality games hitting the market too. Here, virtual imagery is augmented over 2D game-play to enhance visual stimulation and player interaction. One such example of the tech can be seen in the ‘Pokemon Go’ game which sent everyone with a smartphone into a frenzy a few years back.

Instant gratification and customer convenience are two major motivating factors when addressing the industry and forecasting the trends for the future. The increasing demand for quick and easy access to online gambling is ongoing, and will, therefore, continue to control gaming trends.